Higher Politics Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Higher Politics Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to learn the key content and skills to succeed in Higher Politics.

Each Section of the Higher Politics has a series of articles.

For example, the Section Political Theory has the following Articles:

Conservatism v Socialism: Equality

Conservatism v Socialism: Social & Political Change

Conservatism v Socialism: Role of Government

Direct v Indirect Democracy

Lenin and Democracy

Joseph Schumpeter and Democracy

Each article is focussed on what you need to know for success in Higher Politics.

Each Section has multiple choice quizzes you can attempt.

After the quizzes, there is an audio powerpoint presentation you can download and view to reinforce your knowledge.

Our Higher Politics coursebook then enables you to apply your knowledge and skills to the requirements of the Higher Politics exam.

All in all, this combination of digital learning and essay writing will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge.

Should you decide to be presented as a candidate with Modernityscotland, there is a series of Saturday morning catch ups and a Prelim exam which follow our Course timetable. These will keep you on track for each Section of the Course and the Higher Politics Planner.

The catch up sessions take place at the Woodside Hotel in Aberdour, Fife, a venue which has all the equipment and resources for enjoyable, relaxed learning. The Prelim exam in February 2019 may not be so relaxed but will provide you with exssential feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

Keeping on track and being regularly assessed will prevent you from “cramming” knowledge at the last minute and getting overstressed!

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