How to use the new site

August 18, 2019
Category: Blog

The ‘old site’ is slowly being wound up.

Instead, this site will host Higher Politics, AH Modern Studies Higher Modern Studies and N5 Modern Studies content.

Once everything is updated the name of the site will change away from just “Politics”.

To date, all the Higher Politics content is done and Higher Modern Studies articles (apart from Terrorism) are completed.

All have been reviewed, revised and updated. My word, I found a few that were quite dated! Sorry!

The good news is that the new Articles are bang up to date with lots of examples to help in the SQA assessments.

Powerpoints will start being uploaded this week. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Any hassles with the new site, please contact me on 07590 227925. I’ve put a few images, below, on how to log on and find the new stuff.



Go to

Log in using the username and password sent to you.

Scroll down till you see the Course you are looking for.

Click on the Course, eg Higher Modern Studies.

Click on the Sections on the left and the Articles will appear.

Higher Politics has more content. So, if you’re teaching/studying Higher Politics, click on the Higher Politics Course and a wider range of content is available. Soon Modern Studies will have powerpoints too.

AH Modern Studies and N5 Modern Studies will be on soon too, as will our new Higher Modern Studies book. Prelim papers too!

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