About Modernityscotland

Modernityscotland is managed by John McTaggart, a former PT Curriculum and former SQA CFE Development Consultant.

John was the SQA Consultant charged with leading the creation of the Higher Politics course, leading the Curriculum Development Team and the Subject Working Group.

Modernityscotland was established in 2007, providing online and text based support for Modern Studies.

In 2012 Modernityscotland became an Approved SQA centre for Higher Politics and has presented candidates for Higher Politics with a 100% pass rate.

The majority of secondary schools in Scotland subscribe to www.modernity.scot, mostly using the Modern Studies content. This new Modernityscotland Learning Management System (LMS) is focussed initially on Higher Politics as the company is an SQA Approved Provider but will extend to Modern Studies in due course.

Since 2013, McTaggart’s cafe in Aberdour has been a hub for Higher Modern Studies and Politics tuition. In 2017 McTaggart’s purchased The Woodside Hotel in Aberdour with the aim of establishing the hotel as a venue for music, film, relaxation and personal and professional development.

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