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Modernity Scotland
Modernity Scotland
Update on what we've been up to and what can expect from the new site this term. The new site won't always be called Higher Politics, which is maybe the first question you'd like an answer to. It will be renamed once all the new Modern Studies content is on. https://higherpolitics.co.uk/a-new-term/
Modernity Scotland
Modernity Scotland
Some stats if you're interested.

Modern Studies is SQA's 6th most popular Higher.

N5 History continues to have more presentations than Modern Studies. Is there a perception that "Nat 5 Modies is hard"? History has more A-C passes than Modern Studies, almost 6% more, a 9% gap in 2018 and more A passes (nearly 8% more, 3% gap in 2018).

Higher presentations dropped for all social subjects (but only by 1 candidate in Politics' case) but there was a small drop in overall Higher presentations.

76% of Higher Modern Studies candidates passed, more than who passed in History & Geography but significantly less than Politics (83.8%). More Modern Studies candidates got As than for these subjects too. Barely no difference than with Politics.

AH History results remain significantly better than Modern Studies. Is AH History easier? The dissertation is 1000 words shorter & is the exam more predictable?

Some stats if you're interested. Modern Studies is SQA's 6th most popular Higher.