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Modernityscotland has been at the forefront of online and textbook learning in Modern Studies and Politics since 2004.

Our new sites for Higher Politics and Higher Modern Studies (going live in August 2019) provide students with a coherent, comprehensive learning programme of online reading, quizzes, audio and written assessments.

This site currently contains resources for Higher Politics. Content for Modern Studies will be forthcoming in August 2019.


Subscribers to modernityscotland receive log in codes which enable you to access our online resources.

Subscribers can be institutional, for example, schools or colleges. The cost of an institutional subscription is £200, which expires on the day of the SQA Higher Politics exam in 2020.

The cost of an individual subscription is £20 per month, which expires on the day of the SQA Higher Politics exam in 2020.

Modernityscotland is an approved SQA centre for Higher Politics. An individual subscription entitles the subscriber to

attend Saturday catch up sessions

sit the Higher Politics prelim with modernityscotland

have Coursework essays marked

be presented for the SQA Higher Politics Assignment and exam (extra cost of £45)

Modernity Scotland

This Facebook page has news of new resources for Modern Studies and discussions of interest to teachers and students of Higher Modern Studies.
Modernity Scotland
Modernity Scotland
Take out an institutional subscription by 28 June and get all the resources (articles, ppoints, audio files, quizzes) on the brand new Higher Politics site as part of the package. https://higherpolitics.co.uk/the-new-site-3/
Modernity Scotland
Modernity Scotland
The thinking behind the new Higher Politics book. https://higherpolitics.co.uk/the-new-higher-politics-book/